Entry Protection Systems offers customized home security systems to meet your needs.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a home alarm system, EPS can meet with you to discuss your situation and explain the different types of security alarm systems including wired, wireless, or hybrid. An alarm system not only provides theft deterrence but also peace of mind. Taking the time to understand the types of security alarm systems available and exactly how they will improve your home security is important so you can purchase a system customized to your needs and budget.

Entry Protection Systems provides innovative security options including essentials like window/door contacts, tamper alert sensors, motion detectors, glass-break sound sensors, and surveillance cameras. We offer wireless home or business security systems that allow you to arm or disarm your system remotely from a computer or smartphone, watch live video from multiple security cameras and access a complete, searchable event history, giving you peace of mind that everything is okay when you’re not there. We also provide you with window stickers and yard signs.

did you know?

Having an Entry Protection Systems home security system can help lower your homeowners insurance up to 20%?

24-Hour Security System Monitoring

Entry Protection Systems watches your system 24 hours a day, every day, alerting the police if something goes wrong and you cannot be contacted.

By installing a monitored security system, you’ll have immediate response if a break-in of your home occurs.

With an unmonitored system, on-site sirens and flashing lights go off if there is a break-in at your home. The sounds and lights are meant to alert neighbors, and the burden is on them to call the police. In today’s world, many times people will just ignore these signals and not call the police.

The best security comes from monitored systems because their vigilance is constant.

100% customer satisfaction

Entry Protection Systems offers excellent customer service because we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

Being a small business, we understand your desire to be treated right. Unlike some of our large national competitors, we are locally owned and operated and you’ll never be treated like a small fish in a big ocean.

Entry Protection Systems' preferred security system is the Concord 4 by GE Security.
Find out more about the system and it's myriad of capabilities by clicking the link below.

Concord 4

did you know?

You’re three times less likely to have your home broken into if you have an alarm system with 24/7 monitoring services?

Protect your air conditioner!

As the price of copper has risen, so has the theft of air conditioners and heat pumps.

We can install a monitored security system on your A/C. When thieves cut the copper refrigerant line, the pressure drops and triggers the security system. EPS is notified, and the police will be dispatched. Copper wire theft happens very rapidly. Thieves walk away with a few hundred dollars in piping, and you are out $3,000 to $5,000 to replace your A/C unit!

our services

Entry Protection Systems offers monthly monitoring plans which include complimentary service and repair calls, 24-hour alarm system monitoring, remote control and alerts through Alarm.com, and personalized service with a team member familiar with your system.
An alarm system protects your home and family by providing a security system that deters burglars. Entry Protection Systems provides custom solutions with 24-hour monitored protection. We give you peace of mind. Gives us a call to get your quote.
With our business wireless security systems, you can monitor your company’s security from anywhere in the world. Using your smartphone or computer, you can arm or disarm your system and can watch all the security cameras in real-time. Ask us for a demonstration.
Our video surveillance cameras offer true High Definition quality video. The new HD-CVI technology replaces older analog technology allowing for an increase of up to 450% in resolution. Let us show you the difference between the old and new technology.